a short diary of some part of my life.

Okay, this is my first entry for my WordPress blog. I chose WordPress because it is simply better than the others that I have tried extensively.
WordPress looks integrated to my Mac. Actually, it works just like my Mac. It just works!
Before you jump into conclusion, I am not a Mac fanboy. I am just another guy who loves using a product that has little to no quirky at all.
The purpose of this blog is for me to write anything I want. Anything that only a few cares about or anything that many care about. 😀 🙂
If write anything offensive, please don’t sue me. This is after all, purely for fun!
I am an avid photography hobbyist. I use a Nikon camera with mostly Nikon glasses. This was taken at Snoqualmie Falls.
This is available for prints BTW… Oh, It won’t cost a fortune as I am only doing this for my personal enjoyment. 😉


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