a short diary of some part of my life.

So, here I am, waiting for my DAC (digital to analog converter) from HeadAmp. I ordered an amp/DAC combo just over a week ago, named Pico. I’m now doing some research which full sized Amp is the best for my wallet and SQ. I’m looking at RSA Raptor, WooAudio WA6, and HeadAmp GS-1.

I used to collect a few audio gears back during my high school years, it faded after I lived in New Zealand. In NZ, I bought my very first iPod (Mini 6GB) which I still own. I waited for outside a local music store for a very long wait for the latest Coldplay album at the time. The hobby faded again shortly after I left NZ.

Here is the states, I recently bought an iPod Classic along with an audiophile IEM (in ear monitors) Sennheiser IE8. The hobby bit me for the second time. This time around. I think I’m going to splash a nice chunk of my $$ for a superb setup. I’m going to do much more research over the internet and hopefully I won’t regret any of my newly purchased toys. I browsed around to make the IEM purchase decision. I came across a Sennheiser IE8 appreciation thread, Most of IE8 owners are satisfied with their IEMs. That being said, it is one of if not the best universal IEMs on the market and I do think it’s the best sounding universal IEM in the market; Shure SE530 that I auditioned sound good but it’s not as involving and engaging as the IE8. After playing a few musics, I was wowed by its’ sound quality. [update] I am very impressed and (March 2010) still impressed after using it for a year. The IEM is so good until I don’t want to listen to inferior sound.

Now, I’m waiting for the Pico to arrive soon. 1-2 weeks after the Pico is burnt in, I’ll probably get my very first Audiophile grade full sized headphones. That also means that I’m going to get a full sized amp soon after I get the headphones. Oh well, I have always appreciated good sound. Let’s hope it doesn’t fade this time around.


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