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I just got the Pico today. After 6 weeks of waiting (estimate wait time on HeadAmp website : 2 weeks), I finally got it and I’m using it with a smile on my face.

Now I know all the hypes about this Pico, it’s less than small… It’s TINY. Smaller than my iPod Classic, virtually the same size as my smallest cellphone, Samsung SGH-D600. Surprisingly!!! It drives the supposed-to-hard-to-drive Sennheiser HD650 with no hesitation. It’s certainly better than using the line out jack from my MacBook.

Now, about the DAC. It brings some more details that were missing from using my MacBook line out jack. Whether it’s worth the price, I’m not sure. To be honest. I’m a bit disappointed reading a thread about WooAudio 6 is actually more suited and tuned for low impedance phones. I had to crank the volume know all the way up to the max to enjoy the HD650 if using line out jack from my MacBook. By using this Pico, I can use it as a pre-amp to feed the WA6, now it has sufficient volume level. I’m very curious to try out the HeadAmp GS-1 after using this Pico. Tube Amp looks better than Solid State Amp, but ultimately I want something that does the job, not something good-looking. I guess I just have to live with what I have now and enjoy them. Let’s see what happen in a few weeks. My pocket is the limit. 😦

Oh and, to give you an idea how small Pico really is… Tiny, aye? 🙂

HeadAmp Pico size

If you think that’s the tiniest amp around, HeadAmp is about to release a tinier model, named Pico Slim. Check this out : – Pico Slim


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