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Microsoft unleashes retail talking points attacking Linux, Macs –

Interesting read, Microsoft feel threatened and yet they do not want to admit it. 😀

Members’ replies :

“I always assumed that the outright lies of Best Buy employees were a result of overzealous sales staff going after high-commission warranty sales and other add-on sales. I’m saddened to learn that they’re official corporate policy.”

“To be fair the first training page was reasonably accurate, the rest was BS.
Still all of the people I have switched don’t want to switch back to Windows thats for sure”

“There appears to be some Windows 7 information missing;
1. How to inform your customers about security, and that they need to slow their PC down by 10% by installing ant-virus and anti-malware software.
2. How to inform customers about what to do if the PC crashes with BSOD or similar.
3. Informing customers about the activation system, system slow downs as you load more software, etc, etc
4. explaining to customers why installing Windows 7 will occupy as much as 18 gigs of hard disk space.
5. explaining to customers how they should get help or advice if things go wrong (contact you computer manufacturers premium rate number, they will run through a script and then ask you to re-install the OS, you can also purchase support from MS or third parties). We [MS] currently do not have a genius bar.
Could go on forever, but you get my point. If I was a customer walking into a shop after this training, I would be asking to see the evidence of their claims. If they cannot back them up, I don’t make a purchase. Simple.”

“Wow, Microsoft is desperate. They need to talk about how much of my time I waste if I ever need support on a PC. That is the single biggest oversight when they compare Macs & PCs in business, they forget to add up time wasted on crashing PCs both by the end user & by the help desk support. Time is money people, time is money!”

“… Mac is a premium brand, and I have the resources to buy it… and I rather like it being a bit more exclusive…”

“… It has not worked, it is not working, and it will never work. They are losing the game. The rain has exposed the leaking roof. It will continue to drip water until the Microsoft shanty house is flooded.”

“I have to be honest here, I love Microsoft. If it were not for them I probably wouldn’t be driving a new car, living in a big house and sitting with a pile of cash in the bank. The frequency and number of IT issues that we deal with regarding Microsoft OS is astounding. One of our customers who we made a tidy profit on, recently switched to Macs and their support call rate has dropped by 75%.
I hope Apple do not get a greater market share as this is going to hit us IT guys in the wallet.”

“The training material says the $300 you save by buying a Mac is good for two Geek Squad sessions to remove viruses and spyware.
Whoever came up with this “selling point” for Windows is a total idiot.”

“…This suggests that MS believe Apple will keep on becoming stronger and stronger, and will become a much bigger threat to it’s revenues.”


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