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I’m officially addicted to Audio-gd! They make superb products. I don’t really care about the price, they have small form factor, small enough to be placed on my cabinet and they perform better than other similar products. I have always reluctant to buy a product from a well known brand. I prefer to surf around internet forums to find decent products which can be easily found simply by using Google. There are various forums to choose from, they are various reviews to read, ultimately I had to bet on my own based on the reviews and researches that I have read and done. My decision turned out to be good, Audio-gd products do not disappoint me, neither is Kingwa, the owner and designer of Audio-gd products. Kudos to you, Kingwa!

First, I bought the DAC-19Mk3, it has dual PCM1704UK DAC chip, PMD100 or DF1704 as the digital filter and accepts various digital input including USB. I initially preferred the PMD100 as it is more musical than DF1704 which sounds a bit more digital than analog – after many hours of listening sessions, I came to a conclusion that I like both filters, there is nothing wrong with both of them, I no longer find DF1704 to have any digital traces. I may purchase another DAC-19Mk3, I’m very impressed with it. If you want to read my impressions of the DAC-19Mk3, here is a link to it:

A month later, I bought an Audio-gd pre-amp, the P-2. The P-2 is also an excellent product, it has virtually zero noise, digital volume control with IR remote, and interchangeable voltage gain modules (you can change the modules to find the sound signature that you like – these won’t color the source’s sound signature too much, I consider them as tweaks). The construction of the P-2 is rugged, simple and elegant. This is exactly what I want, it’s not eye catching and it just works just like my Mac.

About the sound quality of the P-2, this pre-amp is completely silent, even when I’m pairing it with my Woo Audio 6 (modded) and using my Sennheiser IE8 (IEM), it’s dead silent. It doesn’t have its’ own sound signature as far as I am aware of. Whatever DAC that I am pairing it with, it will pass the sound of the DAC. The P-2 uses relays to control the volume, relay is the best sounding switch that has the least resistance and can maintain at all frequencies. While much more expensive, slower and noisier (clicking) when switching, they are far more sonically superior to any switcher chip on the market today. There are only two flaws that I can think of, one is the rotary encoder which is quite glitchy and the other one is the very cheap looking RCA jacks that can wear out quickly after several uses. I don’t think I will ever need another pre-amp anytime soon. This could be the last single ended pre-amp that I would ever need. I don’t have any plan to go “balanced”, balanced rigs are big and possibly run hotter than my current rigs.

I highly recommend the P-2 pre-amp for those who are looking for an excellent pre-amp. You can also ask Kingwa for more information about the pre-amp or whatever you needs are; he is very helpful, no BS, and willing to satisfy his customers.



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  1. Flo #
    March 29, 2010

    Hi ! I have already a Dac 19mk3 and I will perhaps buy this preamp but could you tell me which voltage gain modules have you tried and how do they sound (especially in term of speed and impact : wich one is the closest to the Naim audio sound).
    Many thanks in advance, Flo.

  2. August 4, 2010

    Hi Flo,

    sorry but I no longer own the P-2, I have an Audio-gd integrated amp now.

    You could ask Kingwa, he is always very helpful and may have an idea which voltage gain module is the closest to Naim sound signature.

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