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It’s been quite a while since I was eyeing for a power amplifier and speakers to go along with my superb Audio-gd DAC-19Mk3.

I knew a headphone system would only occupy spaces in the office or when I am on the go. It would never be my primary audio system. I prefer to sit tight and enjoy the music from a speaker system, it’s a lot more comfortable than wearing a headphone. Wearing a headphone wouldn’t allow me to listen to my surrounding. So, as usual, my search went from surfing the forums-as usual to visiting local audio stores. Since I never heard a good speaker system before. I had to listen to a few superb ones to get some ideas on how I would like my system to sound like, and set my goals for building a complete system.

Initially, I had my mind set on one of Audio-gd’s power amplifier and integrated amplifier. I love Audio-gd products and Kingwa is always helpful at assisting me with hundreds of queries. I also looked at a few other options, like the ModWright KWA 150. They are just too big for my needs, I don’t want an amp that consumes too much space and produces too much heat into my room ~ space heater. After months of reading and research, I found out that there is a superb alternative to those big honking Class A power amplifiers. I found D-Sonic, the company is basically assembling B&O ICEpower amp modules to enclosures (the enclosure is simple, very sturdy-very well made, and functional) and sell them on their website. ICEpower amp is very powerful, it’s able to produce 100W-500W per module which translates to up to 1000W per 2 channel stereo amplifier. It’s not only powerful, but it consumes a lot less electricity than any Class A amplifiers. It’s small, efficient and sounds good. This is exactly what I need, I bought the D-Sonic Magnum 500S. The M500S should be more than enough to drive any speakers on the planet. The good thing about D-Sonic is that they don’t charge as much as other manufacturers who use the same ICE Power modules in their amplifiers. As for the sound signature, it really is a “wire with gain” amplifier. I switched the source a couple of times and I was easily able to tell the differences, so the sound quality depends largely on the quality of the DAC and the preamp. The case work is a plus as well, it’s immaculate and just as beautiful as the sound of the amp. I really like this amp, I think (and I hope :D) this will be my only power amp for a long time.


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