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I have visited Mono Lake in California during the summer, but I have not visited Mono Lake during the Winter up until I visited the Lake this January.

The whole scenery looked stunningly more beautiful during the winter than it was during the summer. The lake was packed with thick icy snow, it was quite hard to drive to the parking lot. I was lucky enough to be able to see sunshine during my visit, I didn’t expect much to see much of it as I saw no sunshine along the way to the Mono Lake.

If you don’t know what Mono Lake is all about , here is a link to Wikipedia :

The photo above wasn’t my best shot, I’m not satisfied with the color. Hopefully it’s enough to show that the scenery is very beautiful. I’ve been having color calibration issues with my Unibody MacBook. The LCD LED-litted display is mediocre at best. I will fix the color issues once I solve the color calibration issues. 😉


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