a short diary of some part of my life.

I was never fond with small lenses, partly because they do not perform as good as bigger lenses.

I was surprised to find myself liking and loving the Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AFS. I think it is my most fun lens. I can easily imagine what I want to shoot with it. I also find myself cheering for this tiny lens. It’s definitely not my sharpest glass, it is not a Zeiss. But it is fun! It’s all about the fun using this lens.

I bought the lens thinking to get the tiniest lens that has a built in AFS motor. Unlike the older 50mm, this one utilize microsonic motor that can be overridden with just a touch of turn. By attaching this lens on my beloved Nikon D700, I can easily carry it around anywhere. The same thing cannot be said with my bigger glasses. Big honking glasses are very heavy and I do not feel comfortable carrying them around. They are just too eye-catching. I could be suspected as a paparazzi!

My recent photos that I have not posted on my Flickr were taken with the 50mm. I’m about done acquiring photography gears, I just need one more flash and one more camera body. I’ve been enjoying taking pictures since I was very little, it’s nice to finally able to enjoy what I have taken so far by printing each of them one by one and hanging them on the wall.

Happy Shooting!


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