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I found these yesterday:;topicseen#new

It is no surprise to me. I wrote how overpriced audio gear can be in some of my posts. But frankly, I didn’t expect a well known brand like Von Schweikert to be that overpriced. I love the speakers they make, I have listened to a few of them at RMAF last year. Since I was very satisfied with my speakers, I didn’t bother to ask for their prices.

Audio gear can be very very overpriced and only a few of them offer real performance. For example, I love ModWright’s preamps and amps. They make high performance gear. But if you look around, there are a few alternatives that can match or even outperform ModWright gear. I can’t blame their prices because they are built in the US. But the thing is, it’s not about where it’s made but how it performs and what you really get in the unit. I personally do not want something that has been done before. If I want to splash my hard-earned money, I would like something ground-breaking. Something that has not been built before.

Now, the bad thing is, most of the overpriced gear out there offer little to no performance gains. Some of them are not even well designed and often use bad designs. Customers are often blinded by the hypes of a product and how it looks like externally. I understand that most people prefer pretty looking gear but there are too many bad guys out there who want to make easy money out of our own stupidity or lack of expertise in this field. We have to be aware of these things.

Get your head up and look for the best engineered gear that you can buy. That’s what I do. And it works pretty well so far.


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