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Hondata Reflash reviews & impressions :



Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulleys install, review & dyno test results :

High Flow Catalytic Converter pics, review, dyno test results :

Random Technologies (bolt-on application) :

EuroR Catalytic Converter

Metal’ Cat (has to be fabricated w/ custom made flanges, pipes, etc) :

Magnaflow / Carsound (has to be fabricated w/ custom made flanges, pipes, etc) :

Test pipe (no Catalytic Converter) :

Big Bore Throttle Body :

Intake :

K&N Typhoon review

Injen SP1431 impressions

Injen install

Injen sound clip…43&postcount=1

Comptech Icebox review

Fujita cold air intake…ghlight=fujita

Mugen airbox sound clip…8&postcount=32

Gruppe M review

Apex’i short ram intake install

Apex’i short ram intake sound clip…07&postcount=8…2&postcount=23

OEM Intake Mod

Custom heatshield for Short Ram application

Injen Vs. Comptech Icebox

Exhaust :

Hytech Exhaust full set-up
– Race header w/ patented anti-reversion chambers
– Renault hi-flow catalytic converter placed approx. 40cm further back
– 2.5 inch straight through cat-back exhaust

Header install, reviews & dyno test results :

DC Sports 4-2-1 header

Comptech 4-2-1 header

Topspeed 4-2-1 header

Maxim works header

Catback Exhaust review :

Tanabe Medallion Touring

Tanabe Super Medallion Hyper


Fujitsubo Legalis R…ight=fujitsubo

Greddy Evo2

J’s Racing J’s racing 60rs

Exhaust sound clips :
Tanabe MT
Tanabe SMH
Comptech, Greddy Evo2, Fujitsubo Legalis R

Exhaust insulator hanger mod

Exhaust hanging height fix

Force Induction :

Comptech Supercharger review, impressions, dyno test results & pics :



Comptech Supercharger self-install tips – pics

Pros and Cons of a Supercharger

Oil Catch Can :

Hondata Heat Shield Gasket install :

Intake Manifold Gasket review :

Throttle body coolant bypass mod :

Ground Distribution

Ceramic Coating for Intake Manifold


The power of cold air


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  1. Bob #
    September 20, 2014

    Thank you for consolidating these links.

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