a short diary of some part of my life. | Mac sales up 25% in Americas, 76% in Asia

Apple reported that Mac sales in Asia were up 76 percent. Those who live in the States and have not made a visit to the East may not know that Macs are now everywhere. I was surprised to see how frequent the Macbook Airs are seen in the public, here in Beijing, China. They can be most frequently seen in modern cafes, like the ones in SanLiTun Village. Beijing only have two Apple Stores and yet, they are the busiest Apple Stores that I have seen. You won’t see many people flighting to pay for Macs in the States. Most of them buy Macbook Airs. I have seen an elder buying an 11.6″ Macbook Air. I wonder how he is going to cope up reading those tiny texts on that jam-packed display.

That’s Beijing. What about other places like Shanghai or Hong Kong…? Macs can be seen as frequent as in Beijing. Shanghai Apple Store is a landmark. Pictures of it do not do justice. The store is magnificently beautiful. They need to pay more attention to the maintenance though. People here in China are famous for destroying things and neglecting them like they’re not their own. Tables in the store looks beaten up already considering the age of the store. iPads getting banged up, hence securities are found everywhere in the store.

I bet these Mac sales are going to continue to go up in Asia. Windows notebooks look pale and out of pace.

Thanks Apple, for making computers that just work!


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