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Perhaps, the recent Mac Defender, Mac Protector malware issues have raised questions whether Macs are free from viruses, malwares and any other attacks.

The reason why it happened in the first place was because of the users themselves. You should know that since the introduction of Mac OSX, there is no known virus, no known malware that can breach Mac’s built-in security.

Before you install a software in any Macs, you will be asked to enter your password. This is what enable Mac Defender to run in your Macs. It’s not a virus, it is merely a software that fools you believing into your Macs are infected.

What should you do to make sure it does not happen?
Simple, other than the ones from Apple, do not install any kind of security software and any unknown software in your Macs. Mac App Store is a good place to look for great apps.

Problem solved and let’s move on 🙂


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