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A short review of my new Nissan Juke.


1. HIgh ground clearance. I need high ground clearance badly. Roads in Jakarta are probably among the worst in the world. There are unassigned and unmarked speed bumps everywhere. Potholes, uneven road surface, rocks, constructions’ debris… Well, you name it.

2. Small and Short. Easy to park anywhere I want.

3. Superb fuel efficiency. City drive: 25-27mpg. Highway: up to 35mpg.

4. Packed with great features like the i-Con drive modes, great steering wheel (same size as GT-R), foldable rear seats and hidden storage under the trunk area.

5. Great front seats.

6. Good looking cabin.

7. Easy to clean and wash.

8. Great looking exterior.

9. Great engine for its size. I don’t feel I need more than 1.5L. This engine rocks!


1. Hard plastics everywhere.

2. Hard ride quality. I can deal with this as I used to drive cars with stiff coilovers.

3. Small rear seat area.

4. Lack of telescopic steering wheel

5. Lack of heated mirrors. Useful during raining season.

6. Lack of armrest.


1. Uncomfortable rear seats. Need more foam.

2. Short rear headroom.

3. Jerky and stupid CVT transmission. Nissan really need to work on this, learn from Honda! I have had hard times driving uphill because the thing couldn’t shift down.

4. Lack of rear passenger light and lack of vanity mirror light.

5. Massive chassis flexing.

Despite lacks of this and that. I enjoy driving it everyday. No car is perfect. I plan to add a front strut bar ( and probably an underbrace bar under the car ) to remedy the chassis flexing. Chassis flexing produces creaking noise which is pretty annoying considering how frequent it happens. A few more small but useful mods are also underway like a rear passenger light and extra foams for the rear seats. So far, the Juke is fun to drive. Not many cars are fun to drive. That says a lot.

I’m going to keep the car for a while, maybe, as long as it can ( After reading articles about cars passing 1 million mile, I have this curiosity to hopefully able to get that mark with my own car. I do take care of my own car, rarely let anyone touch it ) 🙂

This review is for city-dwellers. The car is great for city-driving but for mountainous-driving, it’s no where near as fun as driving it in the city. The transmission alone is a huge letdown. 



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  1. November 10, 2013

    What is the Fuel type for Juke ?

  2. Eric #
    February 21, 2014

    Hi, do u know whr to get the strut bar?

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