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It seems it is no longer a secret that Android can be found virtually everywhere. The phones are selling like hot cakes ( mainly because manufacturers do not have to pay to use it ), the OS can be found in various hardware options ( unfortunately IMO there are very few options out there that are truly worth buying due to lack of quality hardwares used in poorly designed devices made by manufacturers who are used to producing commodity items ), and options for usages are virtually limitless.

If Apple is going to keep producing their current lineups and not expanding them a bit, they will eventually leap-frogged by Android ( or perhaps Windows Phone when Microsoft finally lets a wider range of manufacturers to use it ). From what I have seen and observed throughout the development of iOS, Android and Windows Phone, it’s just a matter of time until iOS loses its market share, just like the Mac. I do hope their market share won’t be as small as the Mac.

I have a couple of suggestions for Apple to consider why expanding their iOS lineups is a good idea:

1. Produce a smaller form factor, say 7.85”. If you look at the Macs or the iPods, they come in different sizes and form factors. And, they are selling extremely well. In fact, when Apple decided to market the iPod Mini, it helped them grab a large portion of MP3 player market share. I do believe, a smaller iPad will have similar impact. Many more people can afford to buy one because it is cheaper. More people will no longer have to buy and use inferior products ( Android tablets ).

2. Use the iPad 1 and iPad 2 screen resolution for the smaller iPad to reduce iOS developers’ works. They don’t need to re-write their apps for the smaller iPad.

3. Create an app where users can put their files and view them as folders as in Mac’s finder. The app cannot change the way other apps work. It is simply a file storage app. People will no longer need a Dropbox. It should be a part of iCloud.

4. Imagine the applications that people can use from the expanded lineups. Off course people will mainly use the smaller iPad as their tablet, Automotive industries have long dealt with their lack of good sense of designing great software and marrying it with great hardware. Most of them simply buy designs from 3rd party design houses. Why not sell the smaller iPad with the car with the iPad controlling the audio, the climate control and other useful features. How cool is that!
They can simply assemble an in-house software team to do the job ( create apps to control the car via a dock built onto a car’s dashboard, replacing the usual two-din head unit or monitor ) for them and I bet customers are going to love it instantly. IMO, it’s going to cost them cheaper than building similar capabilities from ground-up.

#4 is just one example of what Apple can get from the expanded lineups. They won’t get all manufacturers buying the smaller iPad but at least, the big boys and their higher-end cars can get the iPad installed in their cars as the primary control board. Tesla motors may be interested in deploying iPads for their cars. Off course, for that to take off, Apple needs to help and support them.

Think about it Apple…


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