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I’ve been using Meguiar’s products for years. One of my most used Meguiar’s products is the Gold Class car wash. It has served me well in the past 5 years.

In Indonesia, the water is very different to what I am used to in the States. I’m not an expert in water, but the results that I am seeing with the Gold Class car wash are not the same anymore. It doesn’t clean as well as if I used it in the States. It also loses its’ slickness which is supposed to be one of its strengths.

I decided to start over. What is the best car wash for Indonesia’s hard water?

I bought all three Meguiar’s car wash shampoo (except the small red bottle which I forgot what the name is), Kit (Johnson & Johnson) wash and glow, and Armor All wash and wax.

The results:
– NXT seems to offer the best cleaning power
– Gold Class completely loses its’ magic
– Kit is surprisingly good, in terms of slickness and cleaning ability
– Ultimate’s cleaning power is sub par and to my disappointment, it does not sheet or bead water at all
– Armor All performs more or less the same as Gold Class

The condition of the car before washing:

Car Condition

Super suds produced by the Ultimate:

from this:

suds 1

to this:

suds 2

From the results above, I came to conclusion that I will be exclusively using NXT for painted surfaces and Kit for wheel wells, wheels, and tires. NXT offers the best cleaning power and slickness. Even-though the Kit is definately inferior, I still like it better than the Ultimate. BTW, Kit is the cheapest of the bunch. Rp. 15.000 Vs. Rp 180.000 for the Ultimate/Gold Class/NXT. That may be something that you might want to consider. All Meguiar’s products are at least twice the price than what you usually find in the States.

I’m extremely disappointed with the Ultimate. I don’t think it contains any wax or hydrophobic polymer at all. But I could be wrong. Perhaps it is because of the water or the dirtiness of the car. I’m keeping the Ultimate for summer usages. Hopefully, it will perform better with less dirt on the car.


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