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Tweaking is necessary for a lot of things. I tweak almost every single thing that I touch. Car wash is something delicate, something that needs a lot of care and attention to details. It’s easy to screw up car paint but it is extremely hard to maintain it in superb condition. Unlike many people in this broken world, I hold onto my cars for a long time. Hopefully my new Nissan Juke will be my last gasoline-powered car. The next car will be an electric car or a hydrogen-powered car, one with zero emission.

I wash my car every other week. I tend to leave some sort of protections on the paint, whether it is a spray wax or a long-lasting wax. It is a must to leave it protected. Road grimes, tar, bug, asphalt will seriously ruin the finish. I start by penetrating the dirt before pouring any water on it and finish it by using an extremely easy to apply spray wax.

So, here are my car wash regimes:

1. Prepare all you weapons nearby, including pressure washer
2. Two water buckets with Meguiar’s Grit Guards. One for fresh water and the other for shampoo, mix the car shampoo with water
3. Spray bug and tar remover (on lower half of the car or any hard-to-remove-looking grimes)
4. Leave it for a minute
5. Start pouring water on it, don’t forget to burst water on wheel wells and wheels
6. Start washing the car from top to bottom
7. Pour water whenever needed and clean the wash mitt with clean water whenever it turns dirty. Do not ever try to clean it with the shampoo bucket.
8. Spray more bug and tar remover if there is any naughty road grimes.
9. Pour water onto the car one more time
10. Wipe dry the car with chamois
11. Spray the spray wax
12. Wipe down all surfaces with microfiber cloth

1. Two water buckets with Meguiar’s Grit Guards
2. Two microfiber wash mitts
3. Nilfisk pressure washer
4. Turtle Wax bug and tar remover
5. Two high quality chamois
6. Two high quality microfiber towels
7. Meguiar’s NXT car wash + Kit wash & glow
8. Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax
9. One high quality microfiber applicator pad

No Clay Bar? Nope. No need. I only use clay bar whenever the grimes are impossible to remove with bug and tar remover. Most of the time, I don’t need it. If one leaves the car unwashed for a few weeks, then one might need it.

Most of my toys are purchased from local Ace Hardware stores. All products listed above are readily available at Ace. I have no affiliation with them, I just happen to prefer products that are easy to source.

Happy washing!


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