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This post marks the first step of my many ‘go green’ attempts. I have thought long enough to ask myself, what is go green… when can I start going green… then I realize that I can start whenever I want if I want to do it. I can start with small things I do everyday. I’m sure that I can do continuous improvements as I’m going green. The goal is to go green producing short and long term real results. The first step starts with my car.

Why car? Well, I live in a very polluted city. Smog, trashes can be easily seen. In short, the city needs major cleaning and overhauls.

Before I bought my current car, Nissan Juke, I wanted to get its bigger brother, Nissan Xtrail. After a long thought, I decided to save some money and quite possibly save even more with the smaller engine Juke. The decision turned out okay, in fact, I believe it is the best car for the price. It’s feature packed. Fun to drive. It’s small and it doesn’t drink much gas at all. I constantly able to get 32 miles ++ per gallon. Now that’s astonishing!

The key of achieving superb MPG is simple: don’t ever try to push the throttle pedal sporadically, start pushing it smoothly. I usually cruise between 55 to 80 mph. The MPG is about 29 to 39 mpg. I wanted to go further towards consuming less. I don’t think I can do better with the mileage, I’m doing my best… So next, I’d go for consuming less fast-moving parts, like air filters and oils.

OEM air filters have to be replaced every oil change. It’s a big no-no for me. Not only it cannot be used anymore, it is also a hassle.t I have had great experience with K&N replacement air filters. I had one bad experience with their engine oil filter but that has been remedied by K&N. Now they offer an engine oil filter without nuts on top of it. K&N air filter allows me to recharge it whenever needed. Since the Juke air filter box sits high just under the hood and there is some sort of another box (resonator) under it, it doesn’t get much dirt at all. I’d say I will need to clean it after 25,000 miles or more. On my previous car, I cleaned it after the car reached 50,000 miles. If the filter needs to be cleaned every 25,000 miles, that means I can save at least 5 air filters .Less trash needed to be recycled.

Engine oils… Typical engine oils need to be replaced every 3,000-5,000 miles. The one I’m using can last up to 15,000 miles. It’s the Mobil 1 extended performance. That means I can save up to 3 times oil changes. It’s also a synthetic oil which should help the engine works easier. So, not only I avoid frequent oil and oil filter change, I also save more mileage.

All my car cleaning tools are biodegradable. I have stopped using non-biodegradable liquids. I’m also trying to use less water when washing the car. The left over water can be used to water my plants.

What else? I can’t think of any at the moment. When I have something, I’ll add it here.

I really wish the public transportations are at least adequate but the gov is really not helping at all. I miss all the excellent public transportations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.

This is my first step towards helping the environment. I really hope others would open their minds and start preserving our precious Earth. It’s our only one, let’s do our best to replenish it!


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