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Microsoft recent announcement of its surface tablet stuns me. IF it performs just like operating an iPad, I’d definately choose Surface over the current 3rd gen iPad. IF it doesn’t, then it’s just another vaporware from Microsoft.

The more time I spend thinking about the Surface. I think it’s more than just Microsoft making their own hardware and software. It’s a benchmark of what Windows 8 hardwares should be. Tablet makers will copy Microsoft ideas and Microsoft isn’t going to sue because the goal has always been selling softwares.

IF the upcoming hardware cannot drive the software to operate as smooth as the iPad, the next generations will fix that issue.

Apple has notoriously known for closed hardware and software. It’s missing a couple of major selling points. Apple should add a caged file folder system in the iPad. Only a handful or selected softwares can have access to the folder. They can also add AirDrop to communicate among Apple products. I don’t think they will add a USB port, maybe Apple should strongly consider putting one, otherwise businesses and students will ditch the iPads for Surfaces. (I know I will!) Those three additions above can lock-in their customers into the iPad camp.


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