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1. Superb ending to end the trilogy.

2. ‘Overall’, the storyline is very decent.

3. Bruce Wayne’s story showed how he is struggling with the loss of the love of his life and the means to live. It’s about him being Batman and Bruce Wayne.

4. Finally, there is somebody who can throw punches to Batman.


1. Catwoman looked cheesy. She doesn’t add any depth to the story. Batman (used to) has all the tricks, theatricality, detective-skills, and toys. She has none of them. Not even the theatricality. Oh and, the costume is pretty much useless. Anybody can spot who she is with that bare mask.

2. Michael Caine’s scenes looked weak. He should have had a bit more screen time.

3. The fighting scenes were really bad. The film makers should have hired a action/fighting-chroreographer.

4. Some of the camera angles could have been better, thanks to the huge IMAX cameras I guess…

5. The film promised to be the biggest and most epic batman film yet. The film makers failed to deliver it. Such a waste of extensive numbers of people used on the set. The film scenes with a lot of people in it do not feel big or even terrifying at all.

6. The studio should not have given all the script to the hands of David S. Goyer and (sadly) Chris Nolan. Scenes where Batman and Catwoman went down to the sewer and Catwoman trapped Batman down there looked pretty stupid to me. In fact, it looked just like Blade Trinity (directed by Goyer).

7. The lack of darkness, e.g: who gave the idea to film the final scenes on broad daylight? They should have filmed it at night.

I like the previous film better. I think Bane is not a better villain than the Joker but a different one. I’m disappointed with the pace of the movie, the camera angles, and to some extent, the fighting scenes were very poorly directed. The only decent part of the fighting scenes was the sewer where Batman got beaten badly and Bane broke his back. I guess I can say the same thing with the previous two films, the fighting scenes were also poorly directed and shot.

Despite my disappointments, I still rate this movie 3 out of 5. It’s not going to win any award, it’s entertaining enough to find out how the trilogy ended. It’s Nolan’s biggest and worst film yet.


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