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Everytime I see headlines of Android getting a chunk portion of smartphone marketshare, I can only think of one thing: do those people even buy apps?

I bet, most of them don’t.

People who buy apps, a lot of apps tend to stick with the platform they are in now. They don’t want to move to another ecosystem. It’s going to be a very costly move. And it’s not just apps, it’s movies, musics, podcasts, contacts, calendars and so much more.

So, who buys Android and why Android is getting a large portion of smartphone marketshare?

I bet, those people are those who are new to smartphones or they don’t have a large investment in paid apps and deep integration into the ecosystem they are leaving. So, Android isn’t really getting many of iOS users. We tend to be loyal because Apple has been treating us more than good. And, they have been consistent throughout the development of iOS.

Android or any other platforms on the other hand, until this point, seem like they are still trying to find a stable footing in the business.


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