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I’m not a fan of reading why Apple will fail, why Apple will be ultimately disappear in the tech realm… Those who expect Apple to keep pumping great products year after year are crazy. Ideas are out there. They are easy to create but Apple is well-known for superb executions. It’s not just about the ideas, it’s about the implementation and experience.

One thing for sure is that others have learnt to work more like Apple. So competition for new stuff is harder than ever. I’m not sure if Apple is going to be around forever but I’m pretty sure they will be around for a while. Macs are doing fine, iPads are getting more traction, iPods are also doing fine. What has been the subject these days is iPhone.

iPhone is in a commodity market. Smartphones have become a commodity market. Inferior OS like the early Android has replaced the OS in feature phones. Cheap smartphones have now replaced feature phones.

While I think Apple needs to address different price points and screen sizes, I don’t think Apple needs to worry about the number of sales it gathers. Sure, it’s good for the stocks, but since when Apple cares that much about their own stocks. They did not and they should not care. They should only worry about Android surpassing iOS in features, ecosystem, usability and easy of use. So far, Android has trounced iOS in features. It’s indeed a big worry. Other than that, they should consider on changing the way apps communicate with each other. Users should be able to attach email attachment easily in the mail app. A file system would be a nice addition. A more streamlined and consistent UI are a must. I’m sure in time, Jony Ive will tackle these issues one by one. I have complete confidence in him and Apple will ultimately be fine as long as he and the rest of Apple University team are still at Apple.


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