a short diary of some part of my life.

I want my data offline. I want to be able to access my data offline whenever I want.
Sure, there are some of my data that you can find on the net. But you cannot find the critical ones on the net because I’m keeping them for the sake of keeping them out off prying eyes. I don’t even use Dropbox to store them and I don’t trust Google.

They are out there, pulling every info they can get about me so they can serve me targeted ads or something else that benefits their agenda. I don’t want to give them anything but basic info. Google is one of the better evils. Some analytics companies are even more evil, they scour the net to find one bit of me and sell the data to whoever pays them. They aren’t just looking for specific data but anything they can get. I’m pulling out of Google and I don’t use any other services that I think are not safe.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure that you have enough backups of your data. I have a few hard drives just to store important data.
  • If cloud storage cannot be avoided, use Dropbox. Dropbox reputation in their field is immaculate. They are the most respected cloud storage company out there.
  • Use 1Password for generating complex password. Don’t use the same password everywhere, 1Password takes care of this issue.
  • Don’t use anything but reputable paid-email services. Why paid-email? Because they are likely not going to mess with your data, unlike Gmail.
  • Host your own website. WordPress and others have ads. (Yes, I know, I’m planning to move out soon)
  • Use Apple services. I completely trust Apple. They don’t need our data. What they need is us buying their products, not services. They have strict privacy policy.



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