a short diary of some part of my life.

Recently, my phone was stormed by phone calls from companies who sell gold, stocks, foreign exchanges and so on. They are basically some of the biggest financial brokerage company in Indonesia. I don’t know how they got my phone number in the first place. I never really filled a promotion form since I’m aware of they are selling my data to third party companies. I guess the biggest possibilities are banks or insurance companies whom I dealt with in the past.

I’m already annoyed with it and can you imagine my reaction when they were barging me with tons of phone calls… Sometimes, up to 10 times a day. Oh well, this is something that I can’t do anything about.

After those companies barged me with tons of phone calls, I decided to spare some time to know what exactly is they are trying to offer to me. I chose Monex. Monex is touting that they have the better analysts, they hold seminar every other thursday and they have reputable reputation in one of the scammiest businesses.

I met with them. When they were speaking with me, they did not try to push me like the pushed me on the phone. Well, I did most of the talking anyway. I started with why would I want to invest on something that I have to watch every single day while I’m extremely busy with my day job. Why would I need to invest this and that when I can buy a property and rent it to someone without ever thinking about it after the rental agreement is signed. The money is good and I won’t lose money. They did not have an answer for it.

The answer was easy, it’s a no thank you.

After the meeting is done, they invited me for one more appointment. They wanted to show me how the trading works. Okay, I was curious. Who knows, maybe I will be interested after seeing it. The trading software is top notch. They explained everything from the start to the customizations that I can do to tailor my preferences. I started to rethink my decision.

A couple of days after the second meeting, they were still barging me with tons of phone calls. Sometimes, they used different phone numbers, thinking I would answer it if I don’t know the phone number they are using. I did answer the first couple phone calls. It seems like they did not learn anything from me saying that I was pretty annoyed.

Then, I got an email after a few days. They tried to explain why Apple stock is a good buy now. The reason? The gave a link to a website ( which I don’t know anything about. They also explained that the product will increase Apple sales. Well, this is something that I’m very well aware of. The reason why Apple stocks tank is because Wall Street is giving Apple an impossible expectation. Wall Street expects Apple to keep pumping all new products in all new categories every single year. Sure, the Android rise hurts iPhone but when you look at it. It’s almost like they aren’t affected at all. Their smartphone share is low but the profits, oh boy, they trounce their competitors, including Samesung (Samsung) by a very very wide margin. It’s not just iPhone, but Macs, iPads, iPods as well. So, whatever the sales number is, Wall Street is not going to appreciate what Apple has done. They prefer Amazon who is pretty much selling devices at a loss.

The analysis Monex gave me is wrong. And this is the reason why I don’t trust Analysts’ Predictions. That Mac Pro rumors may be true but it won’t help Apple stocks.


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