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I don’t get what Jokowi is doing. He seems like a nice guy, in fact he looks too nice. Unlike his predecessor who looks more like an a** who does not give a **i* about Jakarta, Jokowi seems to blend well into Jakartaites.

Jokowi started his reign by cleaning up Jakarta which is good. Clean is good. But what he failed to realize is that it’s not the real problems. The real problems lie in Jakartaites themselves. There are too many slumps and **i**o*e* in the city. Jakartaites’ mentalities are very broken. These are the issues that he should have tackled first. He should have introduced heavy fines for those who throw trashes on the road. Fine those who ride or drive motorbikes and cars like crazies. In a few years, I bet we will have a sense of cleanliness and tidyness. Be more like Singaporeans who despise dirtiness and untidyness. I don’t get it why he didn’t fix these issues from day one.


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