a short diary of some part of my life.

CableTV are notoriously bad in content richness and quality. Most of the time, we don’t need that many channels, yet we must subscribe in bulk. It’s already bad enough in the US, it’s even worse in Indonesia. I’m not going to say the name of the companies. Let’s just say, I have not found one that I like and I’m skeptical that I would find one.

I couldn’t wait any longer for great contents, so I searched the possibilities of having Netflix and Hulu Plus on my lap, streamed to Apple TV via AirPlay from my iPad.

At first, I thought, well this should be easy, VPN would solve it right away. It turned out it’s not that smooth. VPN performance greatly depends on the location of the server and its’ network traffic. VPN is also a tough bred, not all of them are good. My choice of VPN slows down the streaming, I got basically the most choppy Netflix experience. VPN for basic tasks are fine but for the Netflix, it falls apart.

After a long search, I found UnoDNS. It is a DNS service that fools Netflix and Hulu, masking where I am in the world, thinking I am in the US. I don’t think Netflix and Hulu care much of my whereabouts. I’m after all, a returning customer who loves their services.

UnoDNS does not slow down my download speed. It’s only tricking my location. So far, the streaming is not choppy and I can get the HD streaming service. It’s the most satisfying Netflix and Hulu Plus experience I can get in Indonesia.


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