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Djournal coffee, another establishment by Ismaya Group. The group has opened some of the most popular restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Jakarta. Djournal is I believe their first attempt running a coffee shop.

It’s funny when the first thing that comes to mind is coffee. I immediately looked at their selections. It’s piss poor. They have nothing to brag about. Then, I watched their barista brewing a coffee, it almost looks like they never train their employees in the first place or the training is not as what a coffee establishment should have trained baristas. The place is superbly designed. The music is good for the ears, not too loud and not too low. It’s a perfect place to sip your coffee drinks, spend quality time with your colleagues, or be alone in enjoying the inviting ambience.

Like most Ismaya Group’s establishments, it’s a pity they don’t look more into what they are serving. They have excellent taste for design but the foods they are serving leave a lot to be desired.

My score for Djournal is 3/5. The biggest downfall is their limited assortment of coffee.


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