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21 is what most Indonesians used to think about when it comes to watching movies. They are not alone anymore. A few years back, there was a new kid in the block, Blitz. Blitz broke 21’s monopoly in theatre industry. Blitz came with a storm, they offer new designs and new seat styles (although some of them look rather silly).

21 was the old dog.

They changed the name to XXI, it is now read as ‘X X one’.

I guess it’s good for getting younger people and get them back to equal footing as Blitz. While Blitz is touting their seat styles as a major selling point, XXI seat styles remains to its core. It’s a theatre at its best, not something different. There are different kind of people who prefer XXI and Blitz. They can co-exist. Those who prefer classic movie theatre will likely choose XXI and those who crave trendiness and completely different seat styles choose Blitz.

IHMO, as a fan of movie theatre, I don’t want to care about their ‘architectural design’ and add-ons (great snack bar, arcade, restaurant, etc). The ultimate deal-breaker for a great movie theatre lies with the picture and the sound quality.

The latter can be indistinguishable by ‘mortals’, but anyone can easily spot bad or good picture quality when shown. Blitz has noticeably lower picture quality. XXI wins by a good margin. XXI is now starting to use 4k pictures at selected theatres.

Blitz also loses in term of sound quality. I confirmed this several times and I would not go back to Blitz, simply because the differences are at an astonishing level. Listening to Blitz sound system is unbearably harsh to my ears. XXI’s is much more enjoyable, especially when served with films with great sound effects.

I don’t see why Blitz lets this happen for so long, they should have upgraded their equipment to equal playing field as XXI’s.

XXI remains the champion and they should be. They deserve the spot because they offer the best experience. It’s that simple.


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