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When I passed by the place at Senopati, it’s almost always jam-packed. That got me curious and I started researching what’s the fuss is all about. It turned out that it’s a new cake shop created by the famous Ismaya Group. I like Ismaya, but only from interior design stand point. I figured what could go wrong when there are so many at the queue. Today, I went for a visit.

The place has virtually no self parking spot. You either have to go for valet or park on the street. Fine, Jakarta is known for its limited parking spot anywhere around the city.

I visited the place at around 2 PM, so you can expect it should be less crowded. There were at least 4-5 groups in front of us. The service was a bit slow but was alright I guess. So, I sent my wife to look around what they have in store. The store is definitely chic-looking. It’s almost like they made it for girls. Cute.

My first impression of the store was they don’t have much to offer, there were very limited selection of cakes. You could probably order something outside what they have in stock or on display but I don’t know for sure. But glancing quickly at the selections, I didn’t feel like I want to buy something that I have not seen elsewhere. So I decided to buy several cupcakes just to try out how the cakes taste like. I tend to try small things at a time and surf around for something better if the small things turn out decent. But if they can’t get small things right, how can they make the others taste any better?

The cupcakes were average. Not special but not too bad, just so-so.

Well, I guess they stress more on the design of the store than the cakes themselves, just like any other Ismaya establishments. I’m disappointed.

I am beginning to think that Jakartaites do not consider quality foods as one of the most crucial factors in restaurants and cafes. They don’t appreciate great foods, let alone, skilled Chefs. So, I can’t blame these entrepreneurs pretty much prioritizing the design of the establishments to look as trendy as possible and customers will follow. I think my conclusion is right on the spot. The people is what driving restauranteurs to serve the market the way it is. But hear me out here, it’s way easier to offer great looking place than offering great service and quality foods and drinks.

Score: 2 / 5


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