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Choosing a great Wedding Organizer or Planner is tricky in Jakarta. There are now too many of them. Finding a decent one can be next to impossible. The beef about anything related to services in Jakarta is services are piss-poor regardless of price and popularity. Jakartaites often think if the price is high, the goods or services must be good. And they are willing to pay for it. As I wrote about Colette and Lola recently, I’m beginning to think something related to that trend and that is social status among Jakartaites, people seem to crave it.

A lot of Wedding Organizers or Planners (WO), are asking a huge sum in Jakarta. You may even compare the price to some of the well known in New York. They are pretty comparable in pricing. But the ultimate question is: whether they worth the money or not?

Let me tell you some of my experience having my own wedding and attending colleagues’ weddings. Most WOs are not worth the money. Some of them even perform well below a standard of what a-just-decent WO should be. To make things worse, some of these bad WOs charge similar money as reputable WOs. Choose wisely and consider to spend a bit more for, say IWP.

IWP plays a totally different game. They are very professional. They are very very strict with time, discipline, and attention to details. These are not something that you can train overnight. I hired IWP for my wedding and I have no complaint at all. Not a single complaint. I don’t consider myself as a perfectionist but I like tidiness, I like discipline and I am very strict with time management. IWP went beyond that. All the meetings we had were properly documented, no detail was missing. I’m also anal to small details, they were actually the ones who were more anal to the tiniest details, the details that I didn’t even think of. From the planning to the wedding day, all went smoothly without a single issue.

There are things that I learnt from hiring IWP, I actually learnt a lot from them and I am grateful I chose them instead of some name brands who were pretty snobbish when I called them. My aunt used the snobbish super popular WO and my mom who took part in organizing her wedding thinks IWP is much better. I think I can agree why. IWP is everything I was hoping for. They are probably expensive but they worth every penny. Thank you IWP!


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