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Mini review of two of Burson’s products.



  • Great punch
  • Easy on the ears, more on that below.


  • Subpar built-in DAC.
  • Blurry in complex passages.
  • Raspy bass, not deep or clean.
  • Not a neutral / transparent amp, has its own sound signature, perhaps Burson’s house sound. Easy on the ears.
  • Burson’s stepped attenuator is awful, DACT / Goldpoint stepped attenuators offer much better feel.
  • Not as dynamic as some of the best solid state amps.
  • Narrow soundstage. Closed-in, it’s like the music is right in front of my face.
  • Very expensive for the sound quality you get.
  • Very expensive for the build quality you get. Look at one of HeadAmp’s offerings.


Soloist is very similar to Conductor, except it’s even less dynamic than its bigger brother.

I don’t understand why these two amps get raved reviews. The sound is a huge letdown. I was genuinely interested with one of them and I’m still looking into their new speaker amp.


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