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You probably think asking for a decent food offering mixed with great ambience and interior design is impossible to be done in Jakarta. This place is the anti-trend.

Let’s start with the overall design of the bistro.

It’s amazingly neat and well done. The space is reasonably sized, clear, free of obstruction, and airy. There is almost no over-the-top design. They really nailed it, function and style.


Servers are not packing the restaurant, the numbers are reasonable and they are also reasonably quick at taking orders and actually serving them out. When called, they are quite responsive as well.

Food & Drink

I have not tried any of the main dishes. I did try some of the appetizers and they were all great. The appetizers were tastefully done and there is little to complain about. I’m definitely going to go back for the main dishes. The drinks were just as well done as the appetizers. I ended up adding more than I could consume. That was a very rare case. Most of the time, I despise drinks from these kind of establishments, they were just terrible. Parc 19 is not.


While I think I can find better restaurants /cafes serving better foods, they are likely much more expensive than Parc 19. Expect to spend around Rp. 75.000 per person for a combination of a drink and an appetizer. The bistro is cozy and people will likely stay for a long time.

Score: 4 / 5


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