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From the beginning of renovating my house and filling them with new and old furnitures, I have always wanted to build a sustainable living environment. One of the goals is to avoid using new raw materials when possible. How can I get them? You probably do not know that pine wood is used for shipping pallets. Most of them come from Germany. When they got here, they are sold to local woodworking shops who mostly specialized on working with pine wood. This is not a popular material in Indonesia. I heard I can get the wood from Kalimantan (Borneo) but I don’t bother looking for it and I don’t want newly cut pieces.

After finding the shop that is able to do woodworking on the material, I instruct them to expose the natural finish of the wood. The use of stain and finish can be avoided altogether. The only additional parts are the hinges. Less metal = better for environment. Since pallets are pretty much symmetry, I can easily figure out the size of the furnitures. Each parts are cut accordingly and no parts go to waste unless it’s really unusable. There are defects here and there. This is normal from shipping damage and I don’t mind having minor defects. Major defects can be hidden from the face of the furnitures.

The furnitures are not finished yet. When they are finished, I’ll post it here.

Currently, the work is in progress. The shop is making a room partition, a hanging cupboard, a short floor cupboard, and a cabinet under the concrete stairs. My house interior colors are mostly white and concrete. Pine wood will blend perfectly.

Here are some uses of pine wood:


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