a short diary of some part of my life.

Maldives is best known for superb getaway for couples and families. Not only it offers pristine waters and beaches, Maldives also offers some of the best hotels in the world. Unique in their own way I think. I was there on my honeymoon and I’d love to come to visit again. It’s every honeymooners could ever hope for. I’ve seen families traveling with young children. I get their point why they were there, spending quality time. There are many activities to choose from and most of them are family related and quite fun when done together. Children would not get lost in the island because the island is small enough that the parents would know where their children wander off.

This is the Kandooma dock. The photo was taken when I was about to leave the island, to go back to real world. As you can see, the water is very clear.

There was this offer about ‘catching your own lobster’ at the resort. At first, I thought catching a lobster wasn’t a big deal. I thought the pool would be much smaller and shallower than the one in the photo. So, I went ahead and registered myself to catch my own lobster. My wife, already scared about catching things she isn’t familiar with didn’t join me. The lobster that I catched would then be cooked for our dinner that night.

When I saw the pool the first time. I said to myself, “oh crap, this is wrong, I shouldn’t have joined.” The pool isn’t huge, it’s not that deep, but it’s full of 1-2 Kgs lobsters. I was hesistant enough that I looked like someone who can’t dive down. I spent 2-4 minutes swimming around trying to figure out when to dive down. Then I said, “screw it!” I dived down and catch one naughty lobster. Finally… It was an interesting experience.

Here is the beach. The combination of white sand, clear water and bright sunlight made my iPhone struggled at taking this photo. (Sorry about the poor quality, this is directly from Instagram. I’m in a process of sorting my photos. They will be backup-ed in multiple hard drives and locations)

Here is a view from a fishing dock. The color is not altered. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Here is a view from the main beach, looking at the arrival / departure dock. The arrival / departure dock is also where they load and unload cargos.

Sunset. Everyday, I did not see a less than magnificent sunset. Maybe it has something to do with the location of Maldives.

Kandooma is a beautiful island. Now, I understand what the hypes are all about. Now, the concern is whether they can withstand climate change. Sea levels have been rising all over Maldives and this is real. It would be a major devastation if Maldives is gone in the next hundred year. Frankly, I don’t see them winning as they don’t really have much to defend with. Maldives’ highest ground is only a couple meters high and that’s not helping at all. I have seen damaged corals and reefs from the 2004 tsunami. Let’s hope they will last and let’s give them the support they deserve to fight against all odds.


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