a short diary of some part of my life.

The Food

This is the famous seafood Ayu restaurant in Kelapa Gading. The restaurant is almost always jam packed. Their specialty is off course seafood. I chose a number of menu, I asked them what the popular selections are. Usually, I don’t eat seafood with this many spices. Spices hide the overall taste of the seafood but since this is a totally different style, I was willing to try them out. The spices are okay I guess but I sensed the use of MSG which adds a bit of punch to the taste. I could not differentiate which seafood was fresh or how the textures were like. I can imagine why this is so popular among locals. They like the style of the dishes. Lot’s of spices are produced in Indonesia.

I started with fried squid. It was fine. But again, the use of MSG is obvious. I don’t have anything against MSG, I just have a preference of not consuming food with fake taste. I don’t know if MSG is bad for our body but at this point, I continued to eat to find out what’s the fuss is all about.


After I finished eating, I felt like there was dryness on my tongue, I also felt I needed to drink a lot more water that normally would. I believe this is the side effect of consuming MSG.


During a trip going home, I started feeling very ill on my stomach. I started looking for a clean restroom, a hotel preferably. I found one and the rest… you don’t want to read it.


Here was the condition during business hour.

Here is the restaurant.

Here is the unsurprising surprise, I won’t eat here ever again for the sake of my stomach.


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