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Low Cost Carrier – Lion Air Frequent Issues

3 out of 4 of my wife’s air travels with Lion Air were delayed in the last minute. No news, no in advance notification of the delay, and no compensation.

I would be crazy if I choose to travel with Lion Air again. Of all the delayed departures, the delays were well over one hour. I didn’t choose Lion Air due to its low price, but due to its scheduled departure and arrival time. I’ve heard of Lion Air giving mediocre services, but never in a million years thought it would be this bad. I figured they would have patched all the bad image of the airlines, they have not.

I don’t get the idea of offering low cost airlines, you certainly must do cost-cutting measures. As customers and outsiders, we will likely not be informed what those measures are but the more I dig into Lion Air issues, I found out that they cut the most crucial part that customers should have had, especially with the recent issue at Ratulangi Airport in Indonesia.

There was a delay and the AC would not turn on, the temp was heating up in the cabin. Customers couldn’t handle the heat so they opened the emergency door to get some air. I don’t see how we can blame the customers who have waited for hours and not being served with proper air con inside a busted plane did an illegal act by opening the emergency door. It turns out that Lion Air could have rented a battery to power the air con but they need to pay USD 100-200 per hour. They opted not to rent it. Who knows what else they are cutting…

I could be wrong but those are my findings.


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