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Disclaimer: I have forgotten how a great ramen should be. The only two ramens that I consider great are Santouka in San Diego and Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley Irvine. Both in California.

I should have written down the name of the ramens but these two are their favorites. There are quite a few options on the ramen and the soup but since I cannot read Japanese, I only asked them based on popularity and suggestions.

The noodle was smooth, not slippery but just smooth and easy to bite and cut. There was virtually no dominant taste on the noodle. It seemed natural and yet, inviting.

The soup was also very tasty. Not overly tasty like Ikkudo’s. This soup was superbly done. It did not make me want to drink a lot of water.

The meat was also very natural. It’s like it’s never frozen but I could be wrong. I like fresh meat and this thing was one of the freshest I have encountered in a ramen.

The gyoza was supreme. Perhaps I’m already biased here but I can’t help it. Honestly, the gyoza was cooked just right, not hard, not overly crunchy or soft. I really like how Japanese look into the tiny details and they are able to do it right every single time.

Just look at the spices, me likey!

They sell the sauce, I should have bought it. Maybe next time!

Before the busy hour started.

Given the limited time I had in Tokyo, if I have to pit it against Santouka and Shin Sen Gumi, I think they are all pretty good in their own ways. Ippudo is different. I’m glad I had the chance to come by. Next time, I’ll try another ramen. I’m sure I can’t go wrong with any ramen restaurants in Tokyo.


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