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Davone Audio Mojo powered by Wyred 4 Sound mINT

The photo above is one of Raindrop Audio’s customers set up. It’ll be my inspiration on how a high-end audio set up blends seamlessly into becoming a part of the room design. The Mojo actually makes the room looks (and feels) even better.

If Heed Enigma 5 is a non-directional loudspeaker, Davone’s Mojo is an omni-directional speaker. They barely sound alike. It seems Davone of Denmark positions the Mojo not as the best performing speakers in spec sheets but as speakers that you can easily love and enjoy and still have all the traits of a hi-fi grade speakers.

It’s like a pair of beautiful B&O speakers but without the sky-high price tag. It’s like a well sculptured piece of furniture that you can’t simply ignore.

The best part of this speaker is not the unusual shape of it but the sound that is always filling the room. I must admit, I was not expecting the kind of performance I was getting from this ‘smallish’ bookshelf-sized loudspeaker. Its’ single downward firing 5 ¼” long excursion woofer is surprisingly clean and a wonderful sounding one.

This will be my 2nd next batch. I’m falling in love with these new form of speakers. And I can easily see why, they sound so good and they really are that easy to love.


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  1. Bevan #
    March 31, 2014

    May one ask how these sound different to the Heeds? Which one do you prefer for music? Thanks

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