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Sea Change: Ocean acidification | Pacific Ocean takes perilous turn

It’s no longer the time to be aware of these issues, but to do something about it, seriously.

In the link above, you’ll see that the consequences are already happening in a very rapid rate. We won’t be able to erase them overnight but we can try slowing down the ever-increasing rate and eventually, hopefully, Earth can be fixed.

Seattle Times is one of my favorite papers, they are willing to do such ordeals to make those reports and sometimes, they sacrifice so much for so little information. That information is vital for the story.

This time, they wrote Sea Change.

There is a story about crab industries. The people are trying to breed King Crab due to the depleting number of them in the open ocean. Another story is about a family owned oyster farm who moved half of their operation 3000 miles away to Hawaii from Washington State for the Hawaiian pristine water.

Read them and if you feel compelled to do something about it, do it now.


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