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I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite. The salmon nigiri looked incredibly fresh. Wait! There’s also a fresh otoro. A feat considering how bad sushis are in Jakarta, Indonesia. Famous establishments like Sushi Tei should be ashamed of themselves. Genki is not only much better in all categories (rice, vinegar, fish, cut…) but also in pricing.

Absence of Sour Smell

The absence of sour smell was a good sign when I entered the restaurant. Initially, I had a low expectation because Genki in Seattle was good but somehow they restaurant decided to lower the quality due to dwindling customers number. They were right, once the price and quality were lowered, more and more customers were coming to the store. It was a great decision for the restaurant but for a sushi aficionado like me, the decision drove me away.


I spoke to (I believe) Genki Indonesia manager, a Singaporean. He spoke a great deal about how Genki operates in Indonesia. I admires the efforts. They basically import everything from Japan, from the Kamikaze rice to the tea they serve. I’m not asking for super great sushi like Tsukiji’s. I’m asking for decent quality sushis and if they can, maintain the quality and price just like they are now.

Complete Makeover

There was a sushi restaurant by Genki Sushi in Grand Indonesia. It was closed. I guess it coincided with the return of Genki in Singapore. If I remember correctly, the menu that Genki offers is completely different than the ones I had in Seattle. It’s possible that they revamped the whole restaurant and how they operate.

The App

As you can see in the photo above, Genki hands out iPad Minis with custom app for ordering. The app is smooth and flawless. Everything in it is crystal clear and easily understandable. Customers are allowed to order four dishes at once. It’s not crash-prone. I have tried ordering multiple items in sequence and it’s rock-solid!

No More Servers!

We are entering the age of automations. They don’t use servers to serve the dishes. Genki uses a minuscule ‘toy’ train to deliver the ordered dishes. It’s a pretty neat and fast way to deliver. There is also a hot water tab that you can use to create your own cup of green tea. Again, no server involved unless you ask them to come to you.

Take Aways

Most restaurants when they do take aways, the meals do not taste nearly as good as what you usually get when you dine-in. This is not the case with Genki. The sushis are more or less the same in cut, quantity, and quality.

I sincerely hope that Genki can maintain the quality they are offering now. In rare cases, after having been there four times, I’ve seen uneven cuts and inferior fish quality. Jakarta really needs a decent sushi restaurant. Genki can fill that role.

They are located in the Foodhall area, just below Sogo department store in Plaza Senayan.


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