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Why is everyone disappointed by Google buying Nest?

I am sorely disappointed at Nest (not at Google). Why would they sell themselves if they have enough profits? This clearly shows that these days, startups barely make money. And what about the talk that Fadell wants to build a company, not a product…

What Google gets:

  • Tony Fadell and his entire Nest team, this alone is a huge coup
  • Users’ data, as usual

What users get:

  • Faster products updates
  • No more privacy at home

I’m not anti-Google. I’m just scared of what they can do with all the data they have gathered. At work, I’m using Google apps. There is no better alternative. They are simply the best. But for everything else, I barely use any Google products. Even if I have to watch something on YouTube or Google search, I don’t login to my Google account. Google has crossed the line too many times. To be honest, I am worried that depending my internet life to one company will someday backfire.


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