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Most Database are not Secured

You’ll be shocked how easy it is to hack company databases, especially if they rely on ancient tech. In most developing countries, where internet security is virtually non-existant, emails can be very unsecured. Most of company emails lack basic encryption; who knows what else is unsecured, it could be the whole database. It alone poses a huge headache for those who use proper emails. My inbox will reject those unsecured emails, it will put them in spam folder.

I don’t know what the IT team (if there is any) is doing, it’s quite easy to implement SSL certificate. Maybe the company does not want to pay for all the fees and hassles associated with having secured data. Maybe they don’t care if their data is intercepted by prying eyes. Maybe they just don’t care at all about internet security. Some of them have turned to and long relied on using @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail…

Even those who use custom emails, they tend to rely on service providers who basically can open their emails and read what’s going on with ease. It’s like having Edward Snowden in the company.

It’s not hard to figure out why companies who run large businesses, especially in the manufacturing industry, simply do not prioritize setting up proper websites. If you look around, those who own beautifully designed websites are consumer-oriented businesses. Consumers care about what they read and see. Corporates do not care at all as long as what they use continue to work and they are still making money.


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