a short diary of some part of my life.

The park:

  • It is what Jurassic Park was supposed to be.
  • I will pay whatever the dollar amount for a weekend visit.
  • Everything seems perfect, the rides, the zoo for kids, the stores, the visitor center, the control center, the ACU (Asset Containment Unit) standing by for park security + a security protocol of the use of live ammo.

The humans:

  • Owen seems like a genuine veteran at the park. Simon Masrani trusts him so much that he asks Claire to ask for Owen’s opinion of the Indominus Rex’s cage security.
  • There is always a bad guy. Hoskins wants to use the dinos for military purposes.
  • Simon Masrani is a nice guy. All he wants is to continue what John Hammond envisioned of a dino park.
  • John Hammond entrusted Simon Masrani to build the dream he failed to realise.
  • Simon Masrani is willing to spare any amount of money to build the park.
  • Henry Wu is now looking like a bad guy. I could probably be wrong but he has a deal with Hoskins that has something to do with the dino embrios? Maybe we’ll see Henry one more time in the sequel.
  • The kids are, well, kids, they went off-course when they were supposed to go back to visitor center.
  • Claire runs the park.

The dinosaurs:

  • Raptors are nursed by Owen Grady since they were born. The alpha is Owen.
  • Indominus Rex is a mix of T-Rex, Velociraptor, cuttlefish, frog, snake, iguana?, and a few other modern animals that I cannot identify.
  • Indominus Rex is clever, stealthy, and…
  • Indominus Rex can communicate with Velociraptors and becomes their Alpha after a quick chat with them.
  • Henry Wu admitted that the dinosaurs would be much different if they didn’t mix the DNA with other animals (to complete the DNA).
  • Mosasaur is really big and awesome.
  • Baby dinosaurs are cute and cuddly. They can be pet by children at a petting zoo.
  • There are lots of Pteranodon in the Aviary.
  • In the climax, the original T-Rex along with Owen’s Raptors fought off Indominus Rex until it were dragged to the water and presumably killed by Mosasaur.

Overall, I think the film pays a huge respect to the original. This is a worthy sequel.


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