a short diary of some part of my life.

  • The thing screams quality.
  • The sport band wobbles just a little… But super comfy.
  • The digital crown is a clever idea. It really does help going thru the watchOS.
  • The force touch and taptic engine now feel like a must for future Apple products.
  • IMO, the screen sucks. The black levels are great but the white levels seem washed out. OLED is now better than LCD. Just look at Samsung S6 Edge.
  • The pixel density is not high enough. I can clearly see it’s not sharp enough.
  • The screen is barely readable under bright sunlight. iPhone 6 is better under bright lights.
  • If I disregard the white levels and the pixel density, I do think OLED is what Apple should after for the next iPhones. It’s laminated to the sapphire glass. By just looking at it, even under the sun and off, it’s beautiful.
  • I really feel that this is the next-gen watch. I don’t see this replacing my mechanical watch but I don’t think I will wear my mechanical watch as often as I used to be. Mostly because I want to complete those activity circles. If I don’t wear the Apple Watch everyday, I feel like I’m missing the rhythm of watching my activity progress.
  • After a week of heavy usage, I can probably use it for two straight days without charging. I’m now using it just like it is supposed to be used. Glancing when only needed, light app usage, and a bit of fitness tracking. I wake up at 5 AM and I go to sleep at 9 PM. The battery is usually at 45% on the first night.
  • I don’t think charging it every night is a hassle. It’s like putting your watch off for the night.
  • I don’t think I will be buying the second version. I don’t think the tech is here yet, not anytime soon.
  • The longevity of the battery is the real problem. This is a disposable iPhone accessory. A very expensive one.
  • You would have to use this to understand how it will fit your life.

I like how Apple design the innards to be virtually shock-proof. The S1 is encased securely. Unlike fitbit where the battery and some other parts not protected at all from vibration. There are cases where fitbit constantly and periodically fails. This could be the reason.

Fitbit Pulse

If anyone can make a battery swap as elegant and simple as possible, it’s Apple. Remember how they designed the hell out for the first unibody 13 inch MacBook battery latch. The latch and each supporting parts are very sturdy and beautiful. I would even keep the machine for its engineering beauty.

There are two things that would tempt me to get the next version(s):

  • The battery needs to be swappable, easily.
  • Faster processor.
  • The watch face needs to have solar charging, just like Casio G-Shock.


I don’t mean to bash Android Wear but by looking at these two videos, you can get an idea how lost Apple Watch competitors are. I think Apple has once again showed how this should be done. It’s not about being the first but the first that does it right. We consumers are not guinea-pigs.


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