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Now that reviews of the Watch are out and settled, there seems to be very few people covering how durable an Apple Watch is. Here are my findings:

The Band

Let’s start with the band. Mine is the 42mm stainless steel with black sport band. It is noticeably more supple than other brands rubber bands. It’s super comfy and it does not attract attention. I barely get other people noticing that I’m wearing an Apple Watch.

I got the Apple Watch on launch day so it’s been a few months now. It does not show noticeable wear and tear. Scratches are minimal. The only thing that I notice is when I take off the watch. There are wear marks under the bands and I consider them as normal wear and tear since the bands are pretty much squeezed to make perfect fit on my wrist.

The Case

The stainless steel case takes a lot of beating. It’s a wrist watch and it will take a lot more beating. If you own(ed) a classic iPod with stainless steel case back, you’ll know the case will get scratch easily. This is exactly the case with Apple Watch SS. I don’t worry about it getting minor hairline scratches or swirl marks. I also consider them as normal wear and tear. If I’m bothered with having too many scratches already, I can easily buff them off with Mother’s Metal Polish. This is the product that I also use to buff out scratches on my polished car wheels lips.

The Glass

The glass as expected, is still pristine condition. No scratch or whatsoever. I bumped it to wall, corners and so on. It does take beatings very well. I don’t baby my watches. They go with me whatever I’m doing. And I don’t always work in a clean office environment.

The Crown

It gets sticky when it accumulates enough of my sweat. In this case, follow Apple’s official instructions: Get help with the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch

I always try to clean the crown with the exact same method after taking a swim in the pool or beach. More on this later.

In any case, the crown on my Apple Watch does get sticky from time to time. And after a good rinse, it’s just as good as new.

Taking a bath with the Apple Watch

Some might wonder why I would take my Apple Watch to the shower??

  • I don’t want the hassle of taking it off and putting it back. I might forget putting it back. This has happened multiple times.
  • I like getting important notifications. In my line of work, I need to get information as quickly as possible.
  • My morning chores are quite hectic so one less thing to worry about is crucial. I start wearing my Apple Watch the moment I wake up and I take it off right before I go to sleep.

The Watch seems to have zero issues with tap water. You don’t need to worry about wearing it in the shower.

Wearing it to the beach

The only two things that I worry about are salt water deposit and sand stuck in the digital crown. Unless I play with the sand, I don’t take it off. The moment I take a bath after spending some time on the beach, I rinse my watch and leave it under fresh water to avoid having salt water deposit.

On a recent to the beach, I spent basically everyday playing and swimming on the beach. My hotel room was also in front of the beach. So the Watch is exposed to the beach 24/7 for a few days. The Watch is fine. I’m sitting in front of my MacBook two weeks after the beach vacation, the Watch looks like new.

Drowned on the beach


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