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When I wrote my Schiit Vidar review, I didn’t expect Schiit to be this stoopeed. As it turns out, they have plenty of issues. I think it is best to avoid buying any Schiit amps at this point. Jason needs to take a very careful look at his designs.

Here is the link to amirm’s thread on how to fix hum/buzz issues with Jotunheim at ASR: 

No wonder my class D amp is running circles over class AB Schiit Vidar.

Here is Schiit Jotunheim measurements done by amirm of ASR:

And design overview by gangs:

The measurements above further confirm my preference of HeadAmp Gilmore Lite mk2 over Schiit Ragnarok. What a pity…

Handling Problems

Jason offered to replace Vidar at their cost when they were having issues with speaker cables pairing:

“We’ll also notify Vidar owners in the same batch as Chris’ amps that if they are experiencing operational oddities, we’ll swap them out at our cost.”

I don’t think we have seen him doing the same for Jotunheim grounding issues, he should have at least notified by email to every single customer for a safety recall.

So much for a guy who warned himself not to go bust like Great American Sound by having too much service loads.

I really do not believe Schiit has the engineering chop to make something superbly designed and assembled, like Benchmark or RME. The key is to do it right the first time and be reactive to customers complaints. So far, to my eyes, Schiit only acts when a guy who operates a website on real audio measurements exposes Schiit’s flaws and defects!

Recently, Jason went on, writing about how Schiit have been very transparent about their failures and improvements. Well, they didn’t want to admit anything at first, until the issues were posted everywhere. Go figure… Make your own conclusions.

Edit: Looks like Amir of ASR has the same impressions as me.



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