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Hytech Exhaust full set-up
– Race header w/ patented anti-reversion chambers
– Renault hi-flow catalytic converter placed approx. 40cm further back
– 2.5 inch straight through cat-back exhaust

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Comptech, Greddy Evo2, Fujitsubo Legalis R

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Ground Distribution

Ceramic Coating for Intake Manifold


The power of cold air


It has been a good servant for me. I am quite sad to part with this car. I do not know how to describe my emotional feelings.
I feel in love with the car when I first saw it in New Zealand, it is called a Honda Accord Euro in NZ.

The car was modded in the photo. This photo was taken at a parking lot near the Space Needle and it is one of my favorite photos.

So long, Car. I hope to see you when I get back to the US.

My car was leaking oil during my recent roadtrip. It never crossed my mind that the oil filter was leaking. Once I jacked the car up, I found out that the nut that is welded on top of the oil filter was leaking oil. I lost almost half of my engine oil before I notice it was the oil filter. And no, I did not over-torqued the bolt, I did not even use the bolt to tighten it. I would never use any K&N product at this point. I had one of their high performance air intake in my car, it actually reduces some of my car low-end torque. The noise produced by the air intake is also unbearably harsh and cheap. AVOID using this filter at all costs.

GM’s stock has fallen to only $0.75 per share. General Motors who were once one of if not the biggest Auto maker in the world is facing¬†bankruptcy. They must be trying to figure out how to make a good use of taxpayers money. In my opinion, they won’t be able to do anything unless something magical happens, really… They don’t have a clear future plan, they fall into this mess because of their own mistakes. Blame Rick Wagoner if you want, he’s the man behind GM’s fall. President Obama is working hard to get those execs out of GM and build GM back pieces by pieces.

“A new company, with a greatly reduced debt burden, fewer plants and lower labor costs, could end up being an attractive investment. But auto analysts and other experts are reluctant to speculate on exactly what GM’s value could be following bankruptcy.” – click on the quote to read full article