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The park:

  • It is what Jurassic Park was supposed to be.
  • I will pay whatever the dollar amount for a weekend visit.
  • Everything seems perfect, the rides, the zoo for kids, the stores, the visitor center, the control center, the ACU (Asset Containment Unit) standing by for park security + a security protocol of the use of live ammo.

The humans:

  • Owen seems like a genuine veteran at the park. Simon Masrani trusts him so much that he asks Claire to ask for Owen’s opinion of the Indominus Rex’s cage security.
  • There is always a bad guy. Hoskins wants to use the dinos for military purposes.
  • Simon Masrani is a nice guy. All he wants is to continue what John Hammond envisioned of a dino park.
  • John Hammond entrusted Simon Masrani to build the dream he failed to realise.
  • Simon Masrani is willing to spare any amount of money to build the park.
  • Henry Wu is now looking like a bad guy. I could probably be wrong but he has a deal with Hoskins that has something to do with the dino embrios? Maybe we’ll see Henry one more time in the sequel.
  • The kids are, well, kids, they went off-course when they were supposed to go back to visitor center.
  • Claire runs the park.

The dinosaurs:

  • Raptors are nursed by Owen Grady since they were born. The alpha is Owen.
  • Indominus Rex is a mix of T-Rex, Velociraptor, cuttlefish, frog, snake, iguana?, and a few other modern animals that I cannot identify.
  • Indominus Rex is clever, stealthy, and…
  • Indominus Rex can communicate with Velociraptors and becomes their Alpha after a quick chat with them.
  • Henry Wu admitted that the dinosaurs would be much different if they didn’t mix the DNA with other animals (to complete the DNA).
  • Mosasaur is really big and awesome.
  • Baby dinosaurs are cute and cuddly. They can be pet by children at a petting zoo.
  • There are lots of Pteranodon in the Aviary.
  • In the climax, the original T-Rex along with Owen’s Raptors fought off Indominus Rex until it were dragged to the water and presumably killed by Mosasaur.

Overall, I think the film pays a huge respect to the original. This is a worthy sequel.

I just finished watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’m very impressed of the director’s ability to mesh all those characters into one movie.

Here are my thoughts:

  • The action sequences are top-notch.
  • The pace of the movie is difficult to digest. The different paces do not do any favor. Sometimes, it’s too slow. And sometimes, it’s too fast.
  • I really like how they scoured the planet to shoot the movie.
  • Ultron is not as memorable as I thought it would be or be as bad as some of the finest bad guys in movies. It’s just a sick AI.
  • The Maximoff twins are real bad-ass. No wonder Ultron needs them.
  • This movie will lead to Thor: Ragnarok and hopefully a solo Hulk movie.
  • I wish the movie would last for 3 hours. That would solve many issues of the movie.
  • Joss Whedon should direct at least one solo Marvel movie. The movie shows that he is a real comic book fans.

(& spoilers)

  • Peitro’s death feels necessary. One good hero died on each Avengers movie. (Agent Coulson being the first.)
  • Other reviewers point out that this movie (Stark and Rogers fighting over what’s right) will lead to Captain America: Civil War. Stark and Rogers have been at odds since the first Avengers. Their exchanges are actually softer in the Avengers 2.
  • I found Banner and Romanoff romance on screen is quite weird.
  • Iron Man alone can defeat Ultron. I was hoping for a near undefeatable Ultron. I bet Aldrich Killian’s superhuman armies can defeat Ultron’s armies easily.
  • I don’t know if Ultron covers all his exoskeleton with Vibranium. If it did, Vibranium can be melted with a combination of the Vision’s stone beam, Iron Man’s hand repulsor shots, and Thor’s thunderous strikes.
  • I’m happy to see J.A.R.V.I.S becomes the Vision. He’s far more witty than Ultron’s single minded plan.
  • J.A.R.V.I.S’s replacement: Friday??? Has all the knowledge of the guy she replaced.
  • J.A.R.V.I.S is one friendly AI and Ultron is simply the opposite. Perhaps Hydra was trying to make a bad J.A.R.V.I.S.
  • No more Hydra after Avengers 2, I hope.
  • Helicarrier makes a comeback as a rescue unit. That’s what the helicarrier should be used.
  • Andy Serkis’s character will surface somewhere in future Marvel movies.
  • The vision Tony experienced from Scarlet Witch is what fueled him to build Ultron and what Infinity Wars will look like. All heroes defeated; the Capt’s shield cracked.
  • If Nick Fury thinks why the world needs the Avengers is to fight the battle normal people cannot win, Ultron is made to protect the Earth from incoming Alien attacks that the Avengers won’t be able to withstand the next time around.
  • Be prepared for the Avengers: Infinity Wars! Thanos is getting ready.