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One of my favorite photo sets is my very own Seattle’s Space Needle & Pacific Science Center. It’s also one of my favorite place to walk around and hang out with my girlfriend and our dog. We used to live near the Space Needle, we practically passed by the Needle every day. I took some time during the winter to take photos of Space Needle and its surrounding area. I prefer the ground to be wet, it added a bit more (natural) pop to the photos. Here are some of the photos. Enjoy!

Space Needle from Kerry Park

The color of the last photo is not altered. It looked exactly like that.

Space Needle & Pacific Science Center

Tiny Space Needle from a U-distict apartment rooftop

Space Needle from Gas Works Park

Space Needle from Broad St.

Gosh, I didn’t realize how much I miss Seattle until I posted this post.

I am crazy about Bokeh. Everything about Bokeh is beautiful, whether they are creamy or boxy.
Ever since, I got my micro lens, it got even ‘worse’. I started looking for tiny things that my eyes cannot see.
Things like close-up bugs, flowers, and drops of water looked very interested. Then I decided to step back a little bit.
This was where I finally see things differently that not only everything about close-up is beautiful.
Some things far look just as beautiful as they are close-up.
It’s about the Bokeh, not micro-details.
I am now trying to find some time every day and I am going to spend that time creating Bokeh with my micro lens. 😉

Okay, this is my first entry for my WordPress blog. I chose WordPress because it is simply better than the others that I have tried extensively.
WordPress looks integrated to my Mac. Actually, it works just like my Mac. It just works!
Before you jump into conclusion, I am not a Mac fanboy. I am just another guy who loves using a product that has little to no quirky at all.
The purpose of this blog is for me to write anything I want. Anything that only a few cares about or anything that many care about. 😀 🙂
If write anything offensive, please don’t sue me. This is after all, purely for fun!
I am an avid photography hobbyist. I use a Nikon camera with mostly Nikon glasses. This was taken at Snoqualmie Falls.
This is available for prints BTW… Oh, It won’t cost a fortune as I am only doing this for my personal enjoyment. 😉