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Ive and Federighi Interview With USA Today

This is the first post-Retina (Display) UI (user interface), with amazing graphics

Sounds like iOS 7 is not made for iPad Mini.

For those who have been asking how iOS 7 performs on iPhone 4, it’s great. It runs iOS 7 as smooth as the latest version of iOS 6 which is very stable. I expect everything will be even smoother in the coming days.

First look: Apple's latest iOS 7 beta debuts on iPad

I may skip iOS 7. It looks like unfinished project (it is but I bet the UI and water coloring thing won’t be any different than the beta).

The color selections are horrible. The dock is simply fugly.

IMHO, skeumorphism has its place. iOS 7 does not have to be all that different to iOS 6 which is wildly successful.
Some Apple’s apps do have too much skeumorphism, they just need to be toned down a bit.

Third party apps have huge problems. Most of them are accustomed to iOS 6 or lower. And most of them will look out of place on iOS 7.

My bet is, there will be a more significant number of people who will be staying with iOS 6.