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Free Apps Comes with Ads

A lot of free apps coming into the iOS App Store. A lot of them do not even offer in-app purchase. Even some of the most well known networks opt to offer Google’s DoubleClick ads. I have no idea how much these app developers earn by offering a premium DoubleClick ad in their apps. The only clue is a claim made by Dong Nguyen of Flappy Bird. He was reportedly earn $50.000 per day by showing DoubleClick ads in the game.

There is a way to block those annoying ads. Space is a premium on today’s mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and nobody wants a company snooping what you do on your devices. Who knows what they send back to their servers.

The Results:

Flappy Bird



Before I get any further, I should warn you there is a catch. You cannot use your iOS devices away from your home WiFi or office WiFi without a managed OpenDNS account. That includes Cellular Data. You need to configure your home or office WiFi with OpenDNS. So, the service area is limited. If you don’t have any control in the WiFi configuration, you can forget these instructions.

What is OpenDNS? OpenDNS | Wikipedia

After you sign up for an OpenDNS account, go straight to configuring OpenDNS for your home or office WiFi: Intro to Configuring OpenDNS

Now, go to Dashboard – Settings – Click on the IP address you want to manage.

Here you can customize which categories you want to block.

This is the most important part to block DoubleClick ads, type:
You can also block any other websites. After the settings take effect, you may notice that a few websites accidentally get blocked. You can put them on the whitelist by choosing ‘never block’. Since OpenDNS is also running ads (possibly only on free accounts), you may choose to block them by adding to the blocklist.

That’s it. Enjoy iOS apps without Google ads!

I am not against mobile ads in general. Those Google ads look out of place. They should have gone with the elegant route, the Apple way with iAd.


For those who have been asking how iOS 7 performs on iPhone 4, it’s great. It runs iOS 7 as smooth as the latest version of iOS 6 which is very stable. I expect everything will be even smoother in the coming days.

Everytime I see headlines of Android getting a chunk portion of smartphone marketshare, I can only think of one thing: do those people even buy apps?

I bet, most of them don’t.

People who buy apps, a lot of apps tend to stick with the platform they are in now. They don’t want to move to another ecosystem. It’s going to be a very costly move. And it’s not just apps, it’s movies, musics, podcasts, contacts, calendars and so much more.

So, who buys Android and why Android is getting a large portion of smartphone marketshare?

I bet, those people are those who are new to smartphones or they don’t have a large investment in paid apps and deep integration into the ecosystem they are leaving. So, Android isn’t really getting many of iOS users. We tend to be loyal because Apple has been treating us more than good. And, they have been consistent throughout the development of iOS.

Android or any other platforms on the other hand, until this point, seem like they are still trying to find a stable footing in the business.